About parking

The car park at CH MAX has about 80 designated parking spaces, a place for a TAXI, a parking space for the disabled.

Entry and exit is possible from 2 directions: from Szkotnik Street and Powstańców Warszawy Street. On the car park premises there are racks with baskets for the Biedronka supermarket and a bicycle stand. The car park is paid and unguarded.

Regulations of using unguarded car park for customers of MAX Shopping Centre.


  1. The parking operates during the opening hours of CH MAX i.e. Monday-Saturday: 6:00-23:30, paid parking 9:00-16:00 and Sunday shopping: 6:00- 19:00, free parking
  2. By accepting the parking ticket or entering the car park the user enters into the agreement with the Manager of CH MAX or lessee of the car park on renting a parking place according to the following conditions.
  3. The subject of the agreement is not the protection of the vehicle left or property inside.

The vehicle left on the car park outside of the operating hours will be towed away at the expense of the vehicle owner.


The charge for parking is calculated according to the price list for each started hour.

  • first hour FREE
  • second hour – 4 PLN
  • the third hour – 8 PLN
  • the fourth and each subsequent hour – 7 PLN

The above amounts are added together according to the time of the registered parking.

The charge for using the car park is calculated on the basis of the parking receipt issued by the attendant of CH MAX car park. 3rd The parking receipt includes the following information

The parking receipt contains the following data:

  • date, time of entry to the car park
  • vehicle registration number

The user may be charged a fee of 50PLN for losing a parking ticket or leaving the car park without settling the receipt.

The car park charge must be paid to the car park attendant before leaving the car park.

Leaving the vehicle and the car park outside the car park operation hours may result in towing the vehicle at the owner’s expense or charging a fee of PLN 500 for every 24 hours of vehicle parking.


  1. The car park area is private and the Highway Code applies.
  2. Parking is allowed only in designated parking spaces. 3.
  3. The speed limit on the car park premises is 10km/h. 4th It is forbidden to drive on the car park premises.
  4. On the car park premises it is forbidden to carry out vehicle servicing or repairs, washing, cleaning, replacing cooling fluids or refuelling.
  5. The vehicle owner may be charged a fee of 300 PLN for polluting the car park area or leaving litter.
  6. The car park premises are under surveillance of CH MAX.

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